Lotion Boxes Can Transform Your Business

These boxes can also be customized into any unique sizes. They are shipped flat and doesn’t require any skill for assembling. Top packaging companies produces different types of quality Lotion boxes. You can have Lotion boxes with windows, single or double color options, and other captivating designs. These packaging boxes can be made from quality Kraft papers and corrugated boards.

The Use of Lotion boxes

Lotion boxes are more than just packaging boxes for lotion products. These boxes help to add more value and uniqueness to the product. There are a lot of competitions in the cosmetic industry as everyone is trying hard to place their products in the number one spot. The best chance to create more awareness of your lotion brand is to customize your lotion packaging boxes in a unique way.

Flashy lotion boxes can also be designed for special occasions. In fact, skincare brands prefer to launch their new products in unique Lotion boxes to entice consumers. Have you ever walked into a cosmetic shop? Then what it is the first thing that got your attention? I think the answer would be the attractive designs of the packaging boxes.

You can use these boxes to delight your customers in a unique way. In fact, you can provide a window design on these boxes, so that consumers can easily sense the smell of the lotion without tempering with the product’s package. These boxes can also protect the product’s bottle from abrasion or the harsh weather conditions. Once your product looks new, no matter how long they have been in store, consumers will still appreciate them.

Do you know that Lotion boxes are also an excellent marketing tool? Of course they are. You can print your company logo and other information about your company on these boxes. Potential buyers can easily identify your product with your company logo. Your social media contacts can also be printed at the back of these boxes. It is important to grow your customer base and you can use the Lotion packaging boxes to achieve that.

Grow your business with custom Lotion boxes

To ace the ever increasing competition in the business world, you need to get extremely crafty. Custom Lotion boxes can be produced in different ways. They can be customized into any size, shape or design you want. Customers are always on the lookout for quality products with innovative packaging designs. In fact, their taste for quality products have increased tremendously, due to the different designs and style of product packaging that floods the market every day.

These boxes can enhance the reputation of your business. In fact, consumers can become emotional attached to your products when the packaging and quality of the product is exceptional. These boxes can also be customized with attractive colors. With high color technology such as the CMYK and PMS color techniques, you can choose any unique color you like. Another way to customize these packaging boxes is to provide windows. This will give potential buyers the opportunity to see the unique content inside the packaging boxes at a glance.

The Lotion boxes will benefit your business in many ways. Apart from protecting and presenting your products in a delightful way, these packaging boxes also serve as a cost effective means of advertising and promoting your business.

What the cosmetic industry is saying about the Lotion boxes

The shape and design of lotion boxes makes them very unique. These boxes can be customized into any unique shape to suit your packaging needs. These boxes can also be made to hold one bottle per box or even store up multiple bottles. It all depends on what you want as there are lots of surprising designs you can get from customizing the lotion boxes.

Printed Lotion boxes

These boxes can be printed with high technology such as the digital and offset printing techniques. Making your packaging boxes more attractive is the best way to sell your business to the consumer. Lotion packaging boxes can also be printed with quality ink. In fact, using quality printing techniques for your packaging boxes will enhance your business reputation and help you generate more leads.

Lotion boxes printed with company logo, brand title and other vital information can help to create more awareness. Consumers can also identify your brand easily, once they see your company logo anywhere.

Why Professional

In order to lead in today’s competitive market, the design and style of your packaging boxes must be unique. However, to design the right packaging boxes for your business, an expert is required to achieve that. The professional knows what will work well for any brand and can offer unlimited designing options that will work.

Use of high quality finishing techniques such as glossy, matte, spot UV, embossing, de-bossing can also be used to enhance the appearance of the lotion packaging boxes. Get unique packaging boxes for your lotion products to stand out among your competitors and record more sales.

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Top 3 Reasons Used Boxes Are Better Than New

Whether it’s for storage, moving to a new location or helping a friend or relative move to a new home, securing quality boxes for the task is a must. In addition to finding good, sturdy boxes to meet your storage or moving needs, you also want to get them as inexpensively as you can without sacrificing quality. Below are three good reasons why you should consider used boxes instead of new ones.

1. Used boxes are less expensive than new ones. For example, you can buy used boxes for as much as 50 to 80 percent lower than you would pay for new boxes, and the quality is usually the same as you would get with new boxes. If you have the time, you can also scout around your town for free used boxes. Check out local office buildings in your area for any copier paper or storage boxes they no longer need. Also check out the local libraries or bookstores in your area to see if they have any book cardboard boxes they could spare. Other places that usually have lots of boxes are grocery stores, liquor stores, or just about retail store. Exercise the same due diligence in searching for free used boxes that you would with new boxes. Look for boxes that are extra sturdy, preferably double-walled; boxes with handles or pre-cut hand-holds; boxes with dividers; boxes that are sturdy enough to transport heavy items; and boxes with study lids to ensure they can be stacked without damaging their contents.

2. Using recycled/used boxes is an environmentally-friendly move. According to EcoBox, a Texas-based company that sells and buys used boxes, if every moving box used in the U.S. in one year was discarded, it would encompass 113,267 cubic feet of landfill. In addition, approximately 21,218,00 trees, 4,477,000 barrels of oil and 35,110,746,000 gallons of water would have been used to produce these boxes. Opting for used boxes can go along way toward doing your part to reduce landfill waste.

3. Used last just as long as new ones. You can pretty much keep used boxes for years as long as they are kept clean and in a dry place. When choosing used boxes, make sure they are clean inside as well as outside to keep your belongings from getting dirty. Another thing to look for are used with labels that can easily removed, reused or blackened out with a marker, as well as have enough space for new labels.

Don’t wait until the last minute to start collecting boxes, just in case your search for used boxes comes up empty and you have to buy new ones. As a matter of fact, determining how many you will need should be at the top of your to-do list. You will appreciate taking the extra time to shop around for new boxes at the best prices you can get should you be unable to get used ones. A large U-Haul moving box would cost you anywhere from $2.56 yo $3.50 per box, depending on the quantity. The more you need, the less you pay per box. Most places will need to know how many rooms of furniture or items you will need boxed in order to determine the exact number of boxes you will need. You should probably get a few extra boxes just in case. Better to have a couple extra boxes than to find yourself needing a couple more and you’ve run out.

Once you’re done with your move, or you find you have more used boxes on hand than you needed, you could give them to a friend or relative who could put them to good use. If your used are in good condition, you can offer to resell them to moving and storage vendors who buy back new and used boxes.

Recycled/used boxes can also be used for storing items in your home, garage or attic. They are also perfect for storing your important personal documents, clothes or tools. It’s much cheaper than spending money on a storage containers and shelving units. Used also can broken down and used for other purposes such as stuffing for shipping fragile items; a garage mat for covering oil spills or for messy garage projects (like working on a car); dirty shoe or boot mat; a makeshift dust pan; or drawer separators. They can also be made into a dollhouse for little girls, a race car/go-cart, a toy box, a box-sled, or pet bedding. The possibilities are endless.

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